Jeff’s vinyasa flow style at his weekday classes offers a balance of guided breath meditation and integration, powerful and deep all-level vinyasa movement and Yin/Nidra meditation. He brings to the experience the aesthetics of his passion for philosophy, world-religion, spirituality and One-ness, art and music.
His class intention is to cultivate easily repeatable practices and ways of being for his students that ground them deeper into their practice and their own transformational space of truth and internal guidance. It is the yoga of relationship– to source, our selves, each other and all that we experience and create. It is yoga for the community, and every class is a unique and shared journey of inquiry and discovery.

“Although I was already familiar with yogic philosophy, I came to discover the asana, the physical practice, as a middle age male needing to heel spine injuries and 20 years of chronic pain and inflammation. Something just told me to trust the built-in wisdom of the ancient practice. So I did. And I practiced every day and in a couple months I was pain free and my physical body had completely transformed. But I didn’t notice that so much, because I was meeting myself for the first time, I was meeting my own guru and that changed everything. So that’s my intention– to create a safe space of connection and community for others to do the same. I’m grateful for our Kula yoga community. It’s difficult for me to describe ‘what my yoga is’. My yoga is your yoga. I strive to be a passionate student and a compassionate teacher and I’m grateful everyday that I get to be. And wherever that meets me…that’s what my yoga is.”

–jeff fedora

Christina Vicole Lightworker
Certified Massage Therapist 2005
Certified Kidding Around Yoga Teacher 2014
Certified Level One Reiki Healer 2017

Since a child I felt the yearning in my soul to make a difference. I wanted to spread the same peace I had to every person, place or thing I encounter. In 2005, I graduated from Daytona Institute of Massage Therapy my heart wanted to spread love and I knew the power of touch would assist in doing so. Certifications in Swedish Massage & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

In 2014 I became part of gym that had all the elements I was created from, Elite Strength Performance.

The energy of the support and community was a avalanche to anyone who walked through the door. I guided athletes from high school ages to pre college drafts. I did energy work through visualization and guided mediation to athletes to facility in homeostasis. We took Kids Yoga on the road during the summer months visiting outside schools. I saw children and athletes transform infront of my eyes. I knew that the practice of yoga was a gift everyone needed to unwrap and I wanted to make sure they got it.

I decided to pursue the things that I used to facilitate my peaceful nature. I became a certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor. I mediated since a child finding peace through the noise. I threw my body upside down spinning with the wind allowing it too circumference a stillness in my soul that was unmovable. I later learned there was a name for my inner knowing that created peace , joy and stillness ,Yoga. As a teacher I found my happy place, the importance of listening to each child and meeting them were their at would in return allow them to teach me. A balancing Act of unconditionally holding space.

As a certified Kids yoga Instructor, I enjoy integrating my love for music, creative movement and artistic expression into all my classes. I believe in supporting each child’s imagination by providing a fun, loving and creative atmosphere that provides and outlet to handle stress. My goal is to teach them how to be thee peace in the world by giving them tools to practice.

I am a single mother to 3 amazing gifted souls and my hearts desire is that I would facilitate a channel of love that will cascade to not only my children but every child that I have the privilege of guiding.



My name is Nicolette and I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful boys. Atlas is 4 and Artimus is almost 2. They are the lights of my life. I also have my BFA is Sculpture and Ceramics from the University of North Florida. I started my yoga journey in college after much apprehension. I’m not sure what caused my negative feelings initially but once I took my first class I knew it was for me. After college I became very busy running a paint your own pottery studio. It was awesome but it took up all of my time. I took a few yoga classes here and there until I eventually got married, pregnant and moved back to Port Orange. That is when I found Kula. I did a thirty day challenge and I was hooked!! Soon I was pregnant with my second little one and reminiscing of my kula days. The moment I found out that Kula was offering a kids yoga training course AND starting an after school program, I was dying to attend but the logistics seemed impossible with two littler under five. I shared the post stating my interest and my parents offered to watch the boys. The training was amazing! I am now a certified kids yoga instructor through Kula and am so excited to be a part of this yoga community and to bring yoga to more families in our community. Let’s grow our village together in kindness, respect, love and mindfulness.



Michele R.

Michele Reynolds is a third grade teacher at South Daytona Elementary School. She has been a teacher in Volusia County for 28 years. Michele started practicing yoga four years ago after a fellow teacher invited her to a class. She fell in love with the practice immediately. As an elementary teacher and a yogi, Michele felt that it just made sense to combine her two loves and become a kids’ yoga teacher. She hopes to give her students tools they can use to face the stresses of growing up in today’s society.

–Michele R.